Doing Internal Communications

I once had a client ask me if we could “do governance.” Sure. It’s like “doing life” or “doing parenting.” It’s hard and ongoing and takes a heckuva lot of effort so that things go well. Or go at all. This past week I had the honor of chairing ALI’s “SharePoint for Internal Communications” conference. … Read More »

It’s Happening

You know those days when you wake up and feel like a frisky kitten? Is that weird? I’m sure it is because my metaphors always are. Let me explain–the weather feels like fall(ish), you are uplifted by Kim Taylor’s “Days Like This” on Spotify, there’s pumpkin spice in almost everything, and you have MAJOR GIGANTO GAME-CHANGING … Read More »

Engaging Intranet > Lame Intranet

Our most popular blog post to date is this one, which is about the problem of SharePoint user adoption across an enterprise. Then we gave you some solutions here. We’ve talked about engaging employees through the use of SharePoint, and we even went on (and on!) about the social workplace and how SharePoint can facilitate giving … Read More »

Seek and Ye Shall Find via SharePoint Search

The search feature in SharePoint has not been one of its most lauded—that is until the 2016 on-prem and SharePoint Online releases. With the back-end enhancements, SharePoint search works more like the goo-mumble search engine we all know and love and have sold our souls to. Cool, cool, but how can you harness all that … Read More »

Hey Baton Rouge–Fan Favorite Presents at BRSPUG this Week

Friends, partners, strangers on the interweb, Everyone’s favorite SharePoint solutionist will be presenting at the Baton Rouge SharePoint User Group meeting this Wednesday, March 8, at the Main Library on Goodwood Blvd. If you are local, we would love to see you. Cody Gros presents on “Building a Business Case for SharePoint Online,” which is … Read More »

How Much Is Too Much? The Social Workplace

I wish there was a definitive answer to this question, because it comes up a lot in the world of SharePoint intranets. In the modern workplace, how much social is too much? First let’s say what we mean by “social” at work. It’s no longer Birthday Cake Tuesday and Hawaiian Shirt Friday where everyone congregates and … Read More »

Why Bad Things Happen to Good SharePoint

You know when you’re driving along peacefully, you are really sure you know where you’re going, and then, BAM, you’re hit by a train? Hopefully, no, you don’t know. How extraordinarily insensitive it would be for me to use that example if it were widespread. It’s a metaphor, people. It’s meant to convey catastrophe. Sometimes … Read More »