One of my favorite Mark Twain-isms is, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” It may seem like a cruelly defeating adage to keep top-of-mind for an entrepreneur like myself, but if we look for opportunity in those words, we also find, “There is no such thing as a new problem.”

Clients seek out IT consultants to solve problems. When consultants dig in and start discussing a custom solution, everyone gets excited about the possibilities.

Then the scope is delivered.

Sticker shock sets in.

The client is discouraged.

Custom development is a time-and-materials engagement because there are so many unknowns, and, thus, risks. It is not like building a house, where the square footage is known and there is a tried and true method for calculating the concrete for the foundation. In IT, creating something from nothing usually takes more time—and is more expensive—than buyers anticipate.

Rogue has found that the same types of problems trouble many businesses, as Mr. Twain suggests. We use these requests as inspiration for building rapidly deployable, configurable solutions.

In response to clients asking for custom intranets, we welcome you to our house. We are very proud to offer our flat-fee SharePoint Online Intranet Package, an easy, beautiful, secure hub of corporate communication and team collaboration, with home page, department page, and project site layouts. Branding is among the most complex SharePoint implementations, and with our intranet, your look and feel standards are baked right in. Give us one week, and your intranet will Go Rogue. Contact us today for a demo and quote.



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