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Being Thankful, Hold the Cheese

My eldest daughter and I were just discussing over dinner whether it’s possible to show thankfulness without being cheesy. It’s an interesting question, and I’m not sure of the answer. As a fairly unsentimental person with legendary game-face, I probably seem full of fromage when that cracks and I express gratitude. But Thanksgiving gives us … Read More »

Access to the Mothership via SharePoint

I binged “Stranger Things 2” and “The Mist” on Netflix, to be sure, but that is not the inspiration of today’s mothership blog post. I wish those were my points of inspiration. Alas, I’ve been home with the flu since Tuesday, binging only on sleep and fluids. For a bit I couldn’t work at all … Read More »

Happy New Year and Goings On

I heard on a trashy morning radio show recently that it’s OK to say, “Happy new year!” through February. I had two crises upon receiving this knowledge: 1. Why am I still part of the trashy morning radio show audience? It’s not healthy. 2. Why haven’t I updated our readers at all on Rogue goings … Read More »

My Flood Journal

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the world feels like it might be ending for those of us who live and work in Baton Rouge. OK, not really, but it’s been a crappy go of it for a summer now. I’ve had writer’s block for over a week. My texts–and even person-to-person chats–have been string-of-consciousness … Read More »