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Our most popular blog post to date is this one, which is about the problem of SharePoint user adoption across an enterprise. Then we gave you some solutions here. We’ve talked about engaging employees through the use of SharePoint, and we even went on (and on!) about the social workplace and how SharePoint can facilitate giving … Read More »

How Much Is Too Much? The Social Workplace

I wish there was a definitive answer to this question, because it comes up a lot in the world of SharePoint intranets. In the modern workplace, how much social is too much? First let’s say what we mean by “social” at work. It’s no longer Birthday Cake Tuesday and Hawaiian Shirt Friday where everyone congregates and … Read More »

“I do”–Next-Level Employee Engagement with SharePoint

“Employee engagement” is a much buzzed about key phrase in the modern workplace. Gallup, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review all have opinions about it. Engagement does not refer to happiness, nor does it refer to entitlement. It isn’t hippy dippy, hocus pocus, feel-good mumbo jumbo (though there’s nothing wrong with that). I enjoy this rather … Read More »