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Seek and Ye Shall Find via SharePoint Search

The search feature in SharePoint has not been one of its most lauded—that is until the 2016 on-prem and SharePoint Online releases. With the back-end enhancements, SharePoint search works more like the goo-mumble search engine we all know and love and have sold our souls to. Cool, cool, but how can you harness all that … Read More »

Why Bad Things Happen to Good SharePoint

You know when you’re driving along peacefully, you are really sure you know where you’re going, and then, BAM, you’re hit by a train? Hopefully, no, you don’t know. How extraordinarily insensitive it would be for me to use that example if it were widespread. It’s a metaphor, people. It’s meant to convey catastrophe. Sometimes … Read More »

Experiencing Information

A dear friend and computer science professor recently passed along a fascinating take on “the Experience Age.” This came on the heels of a dinner where we discussed how the gen-X and older among us value the accumulation of information and data (see: Facebook… What happened one year ago? Here’s a photo to prove it!) whereas … Read More »

The Super Importance of Doc Management Strategy

We have talked before about why SharePoint projects fail.  In fact, that has been Rogue’s most read blog post to date, which tells us it struck a nerve. We know that SharePoint will fail if it is not used. When a file share hierarchy is copied directly into SharePoint, users will scoff, question why SharePoint … Read More »