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Only Hear Good Things about Your Intranet. Imagine That.

After gathering custom intranet requirements for over a decade, the team of consultants who founded Rogue Services and Solutions, a niche SharePoint consultancy, focused on an intranet solution that was easy to implement with less risk and more functionality than its custom competition. hubley was born—an organizational hub for collaboration, engagement, and productivity. The impetus for hubley was … Read More »

Doing Internal Communications

I once had a client ask me if we could “do governance.” Sure. It’s like “doing life” or “doing parenting.” It’s hard and ongoing and takes a heckuva lot of effort so that things go well. Or go at all. This past week I had the honor of chairing ALI’s “SharePoint for Internal Communications” conference. … Read More »

It’s Happening

You know those days when you wake up and feel like a frisky kitten? Is that weird? I’m sure it is because my metaphors always are. Let me explain–the weather feels like fall(ish), you are uplifted by Kim Taylor’s “Days Like This” on Spotify, there’s pumpkin spice in almost everything, and you have MAJOR GIGANTO GAME-CHANGING … Read More »

Hey Baton Rouge–Fan Favorite Presents at BRSPUG this Week

Friends, partners, strangers on the interweb, Everyone’s favorite SharePoint solutionist will be presenting at the Baton Rouge SharePoint User Group meeting this Wednesday, March 8, at the Main Library on Goodwood Blvd. If you are local, we would love to see you. Cody Gros presents on “Building a Business Case for SharePoint Online,” which is … Read More »

Happy New Year and Goings On

I heard on a trashy morning radio show recently that it’s OK to say, “Happy new year!” through February. I had two crises upon receiving this knowledge: 1. Why am I still part of the trashy morning radio show audience? It’s not healthy. 2. Why haven’t I updated our readers at all on Rogue goings … Read More »

Baton Rouge SQL Saturday goes Rogue! Aug 6

Rogue is proud to announce that our own Cody Gros was selected as a speaker for SQL Saturday on August 6 in Baton Rouge. Here’s a teaser for what the audience will be hearing: Everyone is going to the Cloud, y’all!  With the advantages of Office 365/SharePoint Online, many organizations are evaluating their SharePoint on-prem environments for cloud migration readiness. But … Read More »

June #WebinarWed — SharePoint Productivity Hacks

Cody presented “The Future of SharePoint” at the BRSPUG meeting last week. The turnout was great, and though some of that was probably because of the delicious fajita bar sponsored by Rogue, a lot of it had to do with SharePoint users wanting a forum for networking and sharing ideas. At the meeting, we asked attendees … Read More »

When Intranets Go Rogue

One of my favorite Mark Twain-isms is, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” It may seem like a cruelly defeating adage to keep top-of-mind for an entrepreneur like myself, but if we look for opportunity in those words, we also find, “There is no such thing as a new problem.” Clients seek out IT consultants to … Read More »

User Groups and Finding Your People

“So academic clubs aren’t the same as other types of clubs,” says Claire Standish in one of my favorite vestiges of late adolescence, The Breakfast Club. Claire was trying hard to draw a line between Brian’s nerdy physics club and the clubs she and her cool clique participated in. We all know where Claire belonged in … Read More »