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A New Year and Big Plans for hubley

First things first: Happy new year! Welcome to 2018, friends. I spent more time than I want to admit looking for a quote for how I feel about the new year at Rogue. Here’s what I google came up with: What do you need in the New Year? You need a dream; your dream needs … Read More »

Hubley : Rogue :: Cake : Bakery

We’ve had a fair many questions lately about what hubley is. Is it different from Rogue? Is it a new business? Is it a re-brand of Rogue? All understandable. Let’s get to it! hubley is the brand name of Rogue’s packaged intranet solution. Gosh what a frustrating answer. I’m annoying myself. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? … Read More »

Only Hear Good Things about Your Intranet. Imagine That.

After gathering custom intranet requirements for over a decade, the team of consultants who founded Rogue Services and Solutions, a niche SharePoint consultancy, focused on an intranet solution that was easy to implement with less risk and more functionality than its custom competition. hubley was born—an organizational hub for collaboration, engagement, and productivity. The impetus for hubley was … Read More »

Doing Internal Communications

I once had a client ask me if we could “do governance.” Sure. It’s like “doing life” or “doing parenting.” It’s hard and ongoing and takes a heckuva lot of effort so that things go well. Or go at all. This past week I had the honor of chairing ALI’s “SharePoint for Internal Communications” conference. … Read More »

Seek and Ye Shall Find via SharePoint Search

The search feature in SharePoint has not been one of its most lauded—that is until the 2016 on-prem and SharePoint Online releases. With the back-end enhancements, SharePoint search works more like the goo-mumble search engine we all know and love and have sold our souls to. Cool, cool, but how can you harness all that … Read More »

A Little Help Here? Our Approach to SharePoint Support

We can square off about whether Joe Cocker or the Beatles did it better, but two things: (1) it’s silly to debate this because Cocker absolutely sang it best, and (2) I think we can all agree that a little help from our friends now and again isn’t a bad thing. Rogue created our SharePoint support … Read More »

The Three Ways Vendors Prove their Worth

We are in an interesting position as a small business who caters mostly to small businesses, with several non-profits and state agencies in the mix. We have vendors, and we are a vendor. This duality imbues me with lots of opinions about how we prove our worth to clients and what really cheeses me off as a customer. … Read More »

Wham, Bam, Boom: The Business Case for SharePoint

Most of our blog posts to date allude to the business case for SharePoint. For example, we have talked about: Deeper employee engagement through implementation of an intranet Better generational teamwork through collaboration Reduced overhead with SharePoint, here, here, and here In this post, we are going to spell it out. We all know that SharePoint projects can … Read More »