This Way to the Cloud

Last week, Rogue blogged about the Cloud and why we think it is a great thing for the future of SharePoint—especially for small businesses. But what about organizations that have on-premises infrastructure already in place? Many are finding that the Cloud’s accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness outweigh the sunk cost and administrative overhead of physical infrastructure. … Read More »

Rogue Announces: Webinar Wednesdays

This is exciting. Rogue has been working on a series of webinars. And because we love alliteration, we have decided to share these webinars on Wednesdays. Every month, on a Wednesday, we will offer a new one—from 11:30 to 12:30 Central time. All you have to do to attend is register, and then accept an … Read More »

“The Cloud,” a Non-Technical Primer

Ah, “the Cloud.” Or “the cloud.” [I am unsure whether it is a common or proper noun these days. “Internet” vs. “internet” went through the same interesting linguistic evolution, so I’m sure the uppercase/lowercase debate will sort itself out in time]. There is a lot of mystery around the Cloud. What is it? Why should … Read More »

We Make Rogue Go

Meet Rogue: Cody, Marissa, Michelle. We have a combined 20 years of SharePoint consulting experience and have touched hundreds of users through training, solution development, and project management. Why “Rogue”? We came together with a commitment to solve clients’ problems, challenge ourselves, and do business our own way. Rogue also refers to the empowerment of our … Read More »

SharePoint Saturday HOU 2016

Rogue is proud to announce that our own Cody Gros was selected as a speaker for SharePoint Saturday this weekend in Houston. Here’s a teaser for what the audience will be hearing: With the advantages of Office 365/SharePoint Online, many organizations are evaluating their SharePoint on-prem environments for cloud migration readiness. But without guidance, the transition may feel daunting. If you … Read More »

User Adoption, Tips and Tricks

Captain Scott Kelly, special guest/featured speaker at Microsoft’s Envision Conference this year, has spent more accumulated days in space—382—than any other person in history, ever. He spent 340 of those days on an International Space Station mission with  Mikhail Korniyenko. He flew lots of different types of aircraft before his retirement. Wikipedia tells me that, … Read More »

Why do so Many SharePoint Projects Fail?

I like to geek out about statistics. I’ve fallen down many rabbit holes in this way—reading about personality dimensions and job turnover rates (that’s a thing), trends on women majoring in computer science (not looking good, folks!), the uptick in diagnosing learning disabilities as they relate to our brain’s relatively slow evolution (did you know … Read More »

Why SharePoint?

Recently I walked into a meeting with IT business leaders, and their first question was: “What is your pitch?” I admit, it caught me off-guard because we are not sales people. We are Rogue for a reason. Even though we think SharePoint is the bee’s knees (and I’ll explain why in a moment), I would … Read More »

What is SharePoint?

As a former technical writer, I am conditioned to seek review of everything I write. I am the annoying friend who sends the midnight email, “Hey, can you read this?” My people are a great test audience and provide perspective that I can’t get on my own. When I passed along my Why SharePoint? blog … Read More »