June #WebinarWed — SharePoint Productivity Hacks

Cody presented “The Future of SharePoint” at the BRSPUG meeting last week. The turnout was great, and though some of that was probably because of the delicious fajita bar sponsored by Rogue, a lot of it had to do with SharePoint users wanting a forum for networking and sharing ideas. At the meeting, we asked attendees … Read More »

Experiencing Information

A dear friend and computer science professor recently passed along a fascinating take on “the Experience Age.” This came on the heels of a dinner where we discussed how the gen-X and older among us value the accumulation of information and data (see: Facebook… What happened one year ago? Here’s a photo to prove it!) whereas … Read More »

The Super Importance of Doc Management Strategy

We have talked before about why SharePoint projects fail.  In fact, that has been Rogue’s most read blog post to date, which tells us it struck a nerve. We know that SharePoint will fail if it is not used. When a file share hierarchy is copied directly into SharePoint, users will scoff, question why SharePoint … Read More »

Everyone Needs an Intranet.

Here at Rogue, intranets are our jam. We know that Everyone Needs an Intranet. Period. is a strong statement. With the exception of sole proprietors and very small partnerships, we stand by that. Why do we feel so strongly? Well— How much time do your employees sink into routine communications? I have been guilty, in previous … Read More »

When Intranets Go Rogue

One of my favorite Mark Twain-isms is, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” It may seem like a cruelly defeating adage to keep top-of-mind for an entrepreneur like myself, but if we look for opportunity in those words, we also find, “There is no such thing as a new problem.” Clients seek out IT consultants to … Read More »

User Groups and Finding Your People

“So academic clubs aren’t the same as other types of clubs,” says Claire Standish in one of my favorite vestiges of late adolescence, The Breakfast Club. Claire was trying hard to draw a line between Brian’s nerdy physics club and the clubs she and her cool clique participated in. We all know where Claire belonged in … Read More »

Rock the Vote #WebinarWed

Whoops; I just showed my 90s with some “Rock the Vote” love. I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but there is an election this November. It would be easy to miss, except for the pesky 24-hour news cycle with innumerable channels, blogs, and social media dedicated to coverage of the spectacle. Lots of people believe … Read More »

Bringing Sexy Back (to SharePoint)

When “Mad Men” was on prime time, it was one of my favorite episodic experiences. Sure, the show provided eye candy in Joan and Don, but it also gave viewers an opportunity to experience the intentional psychology of advertising. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a lovely thought, but it is human nature … Read More »

End of Life

I’ve played “Little Red Corvette” on a loop for the last few hours, so it is no wonder how I got the inspiration for this blog post (RIP, Purple One). “EOL,” or end of life, is (sadly) a reality for music icons as well as physical infrastructure, operating systems, apps, and browsers. In the last couple … Read More »