Happy New Year and Goings On

I heard on a trashy morning radio show recently that it’s OK to say, “Happy new year!” through February. I had two crises upon receiving this knowledge: 1. Why am I still part of the trashy morning radio show audience? It’s not healthy. 2. Why haven’t I updated our readers at all on Rogue goings … Read More »

Does Your Intranet Measure Up?

The most common question we get from communicators is how they can know that their intranet is working. After all, an intranet is an investment, and for any investment, you should know what your users are getting for the money and whether the new tool is worthwhile. Your gut will tell you if it’s going well. And, … Read More »

Is There an Intranet in Your Future?

Everyone is budgeting for 2017. We’re 94 days until the new year (how does that keep happening?). If your organization is new to O365 or is considering an O365 migration for 2017, a business case for SharePoint may help. One of the big selling points of SharePoint is implementation of a corporate intranet for targeted communication and engagement. Here … Read More »

My Flood Journal

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the world feels like it might be ending for those of us who live and work in Baton Rouge. OK, not really, but it’s been a crappy go of it for a summer now. I’ve had writer’s block for over a week. My texts–and even person-to-person chats–have been string-of-consciousness … Read More »

A Little Help Here? Our Approach to SharePoint Support

We can square off about whether Joe Cocker or the Beatles did it better, but two things: (1) it’s silly to debate this because Cocker absolutely sang it best, and (2) I think we can all agree that a little help from our friends now and again isn’t a bad thing. Rogue created our SharePoint support … Read More »

The Three Ways Vendors Prove their Worth

We are in an interesting position as a small business who caters mostly to small businesses, with several non-profits and state agencies in the mix. We have vendors, and we are a vendor. This duality imbues me with lots of opinions about how we prove our worth to clients and what really cheeses me off as a customer. … Read More »

Baton Rouge SQL Saturday goes Rogue! Aug 6

Rogue is proud to announce that our own Cody Gros was selected as a speaker for SQL Saturday on August 6 in Baton Rouge. Here’s a teaser for what the audience will be hearing: Everyone is going to the Cloud, y’all!  With the advantages of Office 365/SharePoint Online, many organizations are evaluating their SharePoint on-prem environments for cloud migration readiness. But … Read More »

Wham, Bam, Boom: The Business Case for SharePoint

Most of our blog posts to date allude to the business case for SharePoint. For example, we have talked about: Deeper employee engagement through implementation of an intranet Better generational teamwork through collaboration Reduced overhead with SharePoint, here, here, and here In this post, we are going to spell it out. We all know that SharePoint projects can … Read More »

“I do”–Next-Level Employee Engagement with SharePoint

“Employee engagement” is a much buzzed about key phrase in the modern workplace. Gallup, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review all have opinions about it. Engagement does not refer to happiness, nor does it refer to entitlement. It isn’t hippy dippy, hocus pocus, feel-good mumbo jumbo (though there’s nothing wrong with that). I enjoy this rather … Read More »