My eldest daughter and I were just discussing over dinner whether it’s possible to show thankfulness without being cheesy. It’s an interesting question, and I’m not sure of the answer. As a fairly unsentimental person with legendary game-face, I probably seem full of fromage when that cracks and I express gratitude. But Thanksgiving gives us the license to express all the things, so here we go!

**If you have not noticed, this post has nothing to do with SharePoint, except for the context of the professional world where I live and breathe, and is in the overshare category prompted by my flood post of 2016. I appreciate your patience during this brief and vaguely unprofessional aside.**

I can’t speak for all of Rogue, but as the designated blog writer and one of the Senior Partners, I’m just going to go ahead and wield this power to tell the world some of the things I am thankful for since it’s that time of year.

  1. Rogue’s partners. We have become an extended family. We respect each other, take care of each other, and have all the other stuff that happens when you bootstrap a something from a nothing. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s real–and it’s real good.
  2. Rogue’s growth. 2017 was a [expletive] hard year personally in ways that… yadda yadda not relevant to work… but business-wise, we have added new client relationships, new solutions, new team members, a new office, and new conferences to our dossier. Lots of people have given us chances based on what we’ve built and what we promise to deliver. Then they come back. That’s trust, people. What else can we ask for?
  3. Rogue’s future. With the energy from 2017, we are inspired, reinvigorated, and have BIG plans for 2018. I’m talking gamification, more social functionality, sexy ++ branding, PowerApps, really cool consulting and envisioning plans, and a host of other solutions. There’s a running list, and sometimes we get so excited, there are multiple columns in the list–which we track in SharePoint, of course.

Thanks for hanging with me while I express some of my Rogue-based gratitude. I hope you all take a few minutes to think about the things you appreciate about work. We’re awfully lucky to have it, and when it’s awesome, it’s certainly something to be thankful for. Heck, blog about it. Tweet it. Shout it out like a weirdo during a meeting. <–Totes doing that tomorrow, btw.

Thanks for reading!


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