I binged “Stranger Things 2” and “The Mist” on Netflix, to be sure, but that is not the inspiration of today’s mothership blog post. I wish those were my points of inspiration. Alas, I’ve been home with the flu since Tuesday, binging only on sleep and fluids. For a bit I couldn’t work at all (it’s really a beast of a virus), but when I did reconnect with my work-world, I did it through SharePoint.

Obviously as a SharePoint company, Rogue uses the platform for document management, version control, collaboration. We use our own intranet. Or we “eat our own dog food,” as Microsoft likes to say. I’ve been in the loop and productive–or as productive as one can be with a 102* temp.

Less the shivers and aches, being home while everyone else is at corporate headquarters gives me an excellent understanding of what remote work is like. [Spoiler: I also worked remotely as a defense contractor for over 7 years back in a previous life… and we used SharePoint 2007 then.] I have relied on it to review contracts, draft proposals, share PowerPoint presentations, and stay in touch with my team. The entire O365 stack, including Skype, Yammer, and of course Outlook, have made me feel like I am tethered to the mothership, which is such an important thing for a dispersed workforce.

We’ve talked recently about what an intranet can do for its users, how SharePoint search can be optimized for best use, and how it can integrate the social workforce experience for everyone, even remote employees. I’ve lived through the flu and can tell the tale: SharePoint/O365 has done all of this for me this week. Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have Vitamin C to imbibe.

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