You know those days when you wake up and feel like a frisky kitten? Is that weird? I’m sure it is because my metaphors always are. Let me explain–the weather feels like fall(ish), you are uplifted by Kim Taylor’s “Days Like This” on Spotify, there’s pumpkin spice in almost everything, and you have MAJOR GIGANTO GAME-CHANGING plans you can’t wait to share with the world? Well that’s today for me. AKA Frisky Kitten Day.

We are working on something so big, friends. The leaves are changing here at Rogue, and it is all for the awesome. Teasers can be cruel, I realize, but this thing is happening soon. October soon. It’s 9/29, so that’s, like, soon-soon. I wouldn’t drag this out for you!

It would have been way cooler to go all dark on social media, but you can always count on me not being cool. There’s comfort in that, right? Like a pumpkin spice chai latte.

Stay tuned. It is to be so major. Can’t wait to get your feedback/squeees.


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