Last week, Rogue blogged about the Cloud and why we think it is a great thing for the future of SharePoint—especially for small businesses. But what about organizations that have on-premises infrastructure already in place? Many are finding that the Cloud’s accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness outweigh the sunk cost and administrative overhead of physical infrastructure.

Tomorrow, April 20, Cody Gros is hosting Rogue’s first #WebinarWed on Cloud migration strategy. Why is there strategy involved? We’re glad you asked!

Transitioning to the Cloud is unfortunately not as easy as dragging and dropping files. Rogue follows a process of assessing the existing SharePoint environment for SharePoint Online readiness. Our assessment includes creating a blueprint of the current environment, categorizing content, apps, and configurations, and compiling usage statistics. For many organizations with highly customized on-prem environments, this assessment leads us to a recommendation of a hybrid solution for migration, an approach that allows for quick SharePoint migration for some features and refactoring legacy customizations for future Cloud deployment.

A holistic assessment of SharePoint in preparation for Cloud migration gives insight into risks and mitigation strategies, the effects of downtime for business-critical content and apps, and provides our clients an opportunity to audit, reorganize, and optimize content in the Cloud.

Cody will review all of this and more in tomorrow’s webinar. We hope you’ll join us. Click here to register today. We have a fun giveaway planned, so follow Rogue to the Cloud to get smarter and to get swag!